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Wedding Budget Planner

I designed and developed the Wedding Planner, a Javascript and CSS app that couples can use to plan and track their wedding budget.


Nov. 2014
3 Weeks (part-time)



My Contributions

This was a solo project.

Project Type

Front-end programming course to master the use of Javascript events.

The average wedding costs $28,427.

Many of my friends are engaged to be married, and I wanted to create a tool that minimizes the stress of spending money on weddings.

In 2013, the average couple spent $28,427. That’s not a trivial amount of money to keep track of! It’s especially difficult for couples to anticipate wedding budgets because, oftentimes, it’s their first time getting married and they aren’t knowledgable of all of the hidden costs. There are 18 different categories for wedding spending, ranging from the dress to the marriage license.


Couples can create a realistic budget based on recommendations for each category.

A couple can…

  • use the national average as their budget or type in their own
  • receive recommended amounts for each category based on the budget
  • click on a category’s recommended amount to use it or allocate themselves
  • check how much money is left in the budget
  • view the budget breakdown as a pie chart

Tracking Spending

Couples can easily track their spending with visualizations.

A couple can…

  • record the actual money spent for each category
  • see how well they followed the budget by comparing the budget breakdown pie chart to the expense pie chart
  • easily determine which categories have exceeded the budget when the row is highlighted in red

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